walk it off

As difficult as it can be, sometime the best thing you can do for yourself is just walk it off. Take a moment, inhale the oxygen, exhale the negativity, and walk it off. Get away, even if it's just a few feet. At times, walking away can be even harder than just agreeing to the … Continue reading walk it off

the art of being an artist

“An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald In this day and age, there are thousands, if not ten of thousands ways to make art. There are so many different forms and definitions to the word art, that for me to even try to … Continue reading the art of being an artist


There's an expression that's pretty popular, it's called "YOLO", and stands for "You Only Live Once". A lot of people take this to mean that they should try everything that comes their way, good, bad or indifferent. The problem with this is that if we take every drug we are offered or go out to … Continue reading yolo